Discover Nature’s Genius

Education is essential to building a world mentored and empowered by nature’s genius. As the global leader in biomimicry education and training, we are passionate about sharing this transformative sustainable design approach with the world and continuing to deepen the discipline.

Biomimicry 3.8 and the non-profit Institute offer programs that serve youth, university, and informal educators as well as pioneering professionals looking to build new expertise. We offer certificate programs, online courses, workshops, teaching resources, networking opportunities, and design challenges. Through these educational opportunities, we equip young people, educators, and professionals to become leaders in biomimicry.

Why bring biomimicry into your world?

Biomimicry is a new and compelling way of viewing and valuing the natural world that is suitable for all age levels, backgrounds, and sectors — whether you’re an educator, a designer, an engineer, or a business leader. Our educational offerings deepen the sustainability ethic and make tangible the process of discovering solutions in the natural world. The result is a sense of empowerment to share biomimicry with your students, your clients, your collaborators, and your networks. Moreover, you will become a participant in helping our world to function more like the natural world.

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