Biomimicry Professional

Biomimicry Professional Certification Program

The Biomimicry Professional 2013-2015 cohort begins September 1, 2013 and completes October 1, 2015. Preview the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program Guide (2013) for more details on program focus areas, program schedule and venues, on-line courses, instructors, tuition and fees, and application process details. Or download the program guide here.


| Applications for the 2013 cohort are now closed. If you have any questions about the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program, please watch this overview and Q & A webinar on the course, watch our Biomimicry Professional program Alumni reflect on their time in the program, or email us.

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| What better place to learn the intricacies and applications of a starfish’s design than peering into a tidepool? The same is true for studying the intricate mycellium network to rethink organizational design while standing beneath a redwood or rethinking water conservation in an increasingly drought-prone world when sitting next to a barrel cactus in the Sonoran desert. That is why Biomimicry 3.8 is doing what no other design, engineering, business, or sustainability program is offering: delivering a deeply immersive experience while learning from some of the most spectacular biomes across the planet.

The world is literally your classroom in this innovative and intensive two-year, master’s equivalent biomimicry certification program. Through a combination of experiential education across the world’s most inspiring habitats and a highly interactive online learning experience, the Biomimicry Professional (BProfessional) Certification Program brings together some of the brightest minds in their fields for the opportunity to help redefine sustainable innovation as we know it.

Over the course of the two-year term, you will develop and refine your understanding of biomimicry theory and methodology with a highly qualified instruction team led by Dr. Dayna Baumeister including inspiration from Janine Benyus. These two highly acclaimed thought-leaders have literally defined the discipline worldwide. Of course, the organisms, natural processes, and ecosystems that have adapted and evolved over 3.8 billion years will also contribute their wisdom, lessons, and strategies to your education.

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Learning Experience and Outcomes

Applying biomimicry tools and skills to real-world challenges is an integral part of your BProfessional training. Previous graduates consider these experiences the cornerstone of their education. Each of the in-depth practicums provides hands-on biomimicry experience in a supportive, collaborative, and creative problem-solving environment. It also enables you to practice the skills most critical to your success with biomimicry: learning to access nature’s wisdom and communicating across disciplines.

To foster this skill, the BProfessional program creates a diverse learning environment comprised of five designers, five biologists, five engineers, and five businesspeople from around the world. The program is extremely competitive and attracts participants who are highly influential in their professional networks and aspire to be “trim tab” thinkers and doers. We have carefully chosen four broad categories—design, biology, engineering, and business—that also include related sub-disciplines to help foster a truly interdisciplinary learning experience, both through the content delivered and the colleagues you’ll learn from and with.

“The BProfessional program is unique in that you have a chance to really immerse yourself in the Ethos and process of Biomimicry. What I didn’t expect and maybe the most valuable part of the program is around the ReConnect; reconnecting with nature. Also, beyond the earnings and experiences, I’ve made great friends with people from around the world. We formed very tight bonds both personally and professionally.”

The BProfessional Program prepares graduates to address solutions to some of the most pressing and varied global challenges, such as climate change, resistance to antibiotics, toxic chemical proliferation, and fair and healthy housing. In short, this program will not only transform the way you view, build and elevate your career, but also inspire how you will positively transform our world.

“The course of my career has benefited greatly from my experience in the Biomimicry Professional program. I received a promotion to the senior management team of our Americas region, and the CEO is counting on my leadership to achieve our sustainability goals, specifically relying on Biomimicry as an innovation and engagement strategy. I’d like to thank Dayna for contributing to my success so deeply. I have learned much from her, in terms of the art and science of Biomimicry, and also as a mentor. I am grateful for her guidance in cultivating my leadership. She has created a phenomenal program, and I am grateful to be a part of it.”

~ Lindsay James, Director of Strategic Sustainability, Interface, BProfessional candidate 2013

If you would like to compare the BProfessional Program with our BSpecialist Program click here. If you are still not sure which certification program is right for you, watch a recording of a live Q&A session with Dr. Dayna Baumeister. She talks about the Biomimicry Specialist and Biomimicry Professional programs at Biomimicry 3.8 and offers insight from program alumni on the program experience and value followed by a moderated questions and answers period.


Ecosystem Exploration Plan

1 2 3 4
Montana Forest;
Augusta, MT, USA
Sonoran Desert; Mesa, Arizona, USA Temperate Rainforest, Tofino, BC, Canada Tropical Rainforest; Uvita, Costa Rica
5 6
Temperate Deciduous Forest; Highlands, North Carolina, USA African Savannah; South Africa or Botswana
Venue: Pine Butte Guest Ranch, Augusta, Montana, USA – September 23-30, 2013Pine Butte Guest Ranch is one of The Nature Conservancy’s premier venues on their protected lands. It is set on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, where the mountains meet the prairies in a dramatic convergence of rocky cliffs abutting grassy hills. The result is one of the most biologically rich regions in the entire country. The Teton River flows just steps from the cabins. You will be inspired by the beauty and ruggedness of the Rocky Mountains, while learning about temperate coniferous forests, aspen forests, shortgrass prairie, and riparian zones.

Venue: Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch, Mesa, Arizona, USA – February 9-16, 2014

The Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch is in one of Arizona’s most magnificent scenic areas. The ranch boasts a panoramic view that encompasses the Bulldog and Superstition Mountains. Established in 1930, the Ranch is a historic oasis in the Tonto National Forest. It lies on the banks of the Salt River in the shadow of the scenic Goldfield Mountain Range. You will explore the Sonoran Desert, which has the greatest diversity of vegetative growth of any desert worldwide.

Venue: Tofino Biological Gardens Ecolodge, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada – June 22-29, 2014

The Tofino Biological Gardens Ecolodge is located on 12 acres of waterfront gardens and rainforest at the gateway to the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Coastal temperate rainforests are considered rare ecosystems. Clayoquot Sound is part of the largest remaining tract of temperate rainforest in the world. Explore old growth rainforest, kayak in the Clayoquot Sound and immerse yourself in one of the most biologically productive places on earth.

Venue: La Cusinga Rainforest Ecolodge, Uvita, Costa Rica – December 3-10, 2014

La Cusinga Ecolodge is in the hilltops overlooking the beaches of Costa Ricas’s pristine south pacific. With access to the beach and the jungle, the ecolodge sits within a private reserve of over 600 acres. Kayak and snorkle in Ballena Marine National Park, take a night hike along the beach, and hear howler monkeys overhead as you walk through the tropical jungle.

Venue: The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, Highlands, North Carolina, USA – May 8-15, 2015

The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center sits at 4,200 feet on top of a granite cliff on the Highlands Plateau. The Mountain Retreat provides breathtaking views, 94 acres that include the last stand of ancient white oak trees in the world, a lake and hiking trails. The kitchen uses fresh produce grown in their own organic garden. The Highlands Plateau is botanically and geographically one of the most unique locations for temperate deciduous forests in the world.

African Savanna – Late September, 2015
Venue: To be determined, South Africa or Botswana

While our venue is not yet determined, visiting the African savannah in southern Africa (either Botswana or South Africa) will be an incredible habitat to close out the program. Home to a wide array of classic “zoo” animals and fantastical flora, we’ll submerge ourselves in the vibrant community and ecosystem dynamics of the savannah. Our venue will provide intimate opportunities to dissolve the artificial walls between human and non-humans as we weave together the stories of place and come to understand the adaptive strategies of this picture-book landscape.

Program Instructors

Lead Program Instructor

Dayna Baumeister, PhD
Keystone & Co-founder, Biomimicry 3.8
Based in Helena, Montana, USA

Watch Dayna’s talk: Innotown 2011, Bioneers

Biomimicry & Design Instructor

Erin Leitch, CBP
Design Strategist, Biomimicry 3.8
Based in Mexico City, Mexico

Biomimicry & Business Instructor

Zeynep Arhon, CBP
Founder, TrendDesk
Based in Istanbul, Turkey and San Francisco, California, USA

Biology Taught Functionally Instructor

Karen Allen, CBP
Based in Bend, Oregon, USA

Biomimicry & Engineering Instructor

Marie Zanowick, CBP
US Environmental Protection Agency
Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Human-Nature Connection Instructor

Thomas Baumeister, PhD
Director, MontanaWILD!
Adjunct Faculty, Carroll College
Based in Helena, Montana, USA

Personal Development Coach

Scout Wilkins, CTA Certified Coach
Based in Hamilton, Montana and Springdale, Utah, USA