Make Biomimicry Your Career

What does it take to become a full-time, professional biomimic?

If you are passionate about the conscious emulation of nature’s genius, and foresee a career in biomimicry through education, training, consulting, and facilitating, then the Biomimicry Professional Certification (BPro) is the path for you

The globally-renowned two-year program will develop and refine your understanding of biomimicry theory, applications and methodology through a mixture of online coursework and in-person sessions, instructed by thought leaders in the field and led by Biomimicry 3.8 co-founder, Dr. Dayna Baumeister.

Each BPro cohort is a balanced mix of designers, biologists, engineers, business people and those with strong sustainability training and backgrounds. By selecting individuals from these and their related sub-disciplines, we foster a truly interdisciplinary learning experience.

The program is competitive and attracts participants from around the world, who are already influential in their professional networks and aspire to be impactful, system thinkers. The BPro Program prepares graduates to address solutions to some of the most pressing and varied global challenges, such as climate change, resistance to antibiotics, toxic chemical proliferation, and fair and healthy housing.

What’s In the Program?

The core purpose of the BPro program is to train professional biomimics to join the leadership of this emerging discipline.

The program is rigorous, but accessible to working professionals. It’s comprised of six, week-long face-to-face sessions interspersed with online learning modules. In addition to the intensive, in-person sessions, participants spend on average a minimum of 10-15 hours each week on the program.

The in-person immersion sessions take place in amazing biomes. Past locations have included:

  • Montana Coniferous Forest, Montana, US
  • Sonoran Desert, Arizona, US
  • Temperate Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada
  • Tropical Rainforest, Costa Rica
  • Temperate Deciduous Forest, North Carolina, US
  • African Savannah, Botswana
  • Tallgrass Prairie, Kansas
  • Mediterranean chaparral, Spain

For the 2015-2017 cohort, we are currently scoping out locations in India, Madagascar, Ecuador, Hawai’i, and Argentina, in addition to revisiting some of our favorite locations above.

The BPro program will change the way you view, build and elevate your career, but also it will inspire how you change the world. Through our small-group “cocoon” process you’ll receive professional development support as you envision your future career and transform into a full-time biomimic.

Upon graduation you’ll join our international network of consultants, educators, designers and inventors–helping to bring nature’s best design strategies into the solution space across all disciplines, industries and practices.

Here’s a quick professional training overview from our students and instructors.

Now an Accredited Master’s Degree Through Arizona State University

To strengthen the value of our professional training programs, Biomimicry 3.8 partnered with Arizona State University in 2014 to create The Biomimicry Center.

As part of that agreement, the online coursework portion of the BPro program will now be accredited through ASU as a Master’s Degree in Biomimicry.

The coursework itself will be unchanged. It will continue to be taught by Dr. Dayna Baumeister and a seasoned faculty who bring their practical experience to the online classroom. But we’re thrilled to announce that through the partnership with ASU, this will be the world’s first accredited master’s degree in biomimicry!

ASU is the perfect institutional partner for this program. In recent years, the university has gained international recognition for it’s academic focus on sustainability. The Biomimicry Center will become a hub for biomimicry research and education on campus and globally.

I’m In. What’s the Next Step?

Application for the Fall 2015 cohort begins early summer 2015 and is only open to applicants who have successfully been admitted to the MS program through ASU Online. Apply here.

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Not sure whether to choose the BProfessional or the BSpecialist program? Here’s a comparison.

Here’s What Students Say…

“The course of my career has benefited greatly from my experience in the Biomimicry Professional program. I received a promotion to the senior management team of our Americas region, and the CEO is counting on my leadership to achieve our sustainability goals, specifically relying on Biomimicry as an innovation and engagement strategy. I’d like to thank Dayna for contributing to my success so deeply. I have learned much from her, in terms of the art and science of Biomimicry, and also as a mentor. I am grateful for her guidance in cultivating my leadership. She has created a phenomenal program, and I am grateful to be a part of it.” ~ Lindsay James, Director of Strategic Sustainability, Interface, BProfessional candidate 2013

Watch students reflect on the program in these videos.

Program Instructors

Lead Program Instructor

Dayna Baumeister, PhD
Keystone & Co-founder, Biomimicry 3.8
Based in Helena, Montana, USA

Watch Dayna’s talk: Innotown 2011, Bioneers

Biomimicry & Design Instructor

Erin Leitch, CBP
Design Strategist, Biomimicry 3.8
Based in Mexico City, Mexico

Biomimicry & Business Instructor

Zeynep Arhon, CBP
Founder, TrendDesk
Based in Istanbul, Turkey and San Francisco, California, USA

Biology Taught Functionally Instructor

Karen Allen, CBP
Based in Bend, Oregon, USA

Biomimicry & Engineering Instructor

Marie Zanowick, CBP
US Environmental Protection Agency
Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Human-Nature Connection Instructor

Thomas Baumeister, PhD
Director, MontanaWILD!
Adjunct Faculty, Carroll College
Based in Helena, Montana, USA

Personal Development Coach

Scout Wilkins, CTA Certified Coach
Based in Hamilton, Montana and Springdale, Utah, USA