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  Intended Outcome Practice the conscious emulation of nature’s genius as a full-time professional biomimic in your own practice as an educator, consultant and/or speaker

Offer biomimicry as an additional value-add to current services/functions of your work

  Disciplines Accepted Biology, Design, Sustainability, Engineering, and Business (and their related sub-disciplines) Any/All  
  Duration 25 months varies depending on individual path  
  # of participants per cohort (Participant-Instructor Ratio) 20(4 : 1) 20-30 participants (10:1); on-line courses vary  
  Format On-line MS through ASU + 6 cohort based, in-person sessions Online certificate through ASU + 2 immersion courses   
  # of In-Person Sessions six, six-day sessions two, 5-6 day sessions  
  Weekly Time Investment 3-4 hours/credit enrolled 3-4 hours/credit enrolled  
  Location of in-person sessions Various venues in unique ecologies around the world Varies  
  Practicum Project 3-4 semester long practicums Virtual Design Lab as part of on-line certificate  
  Professional Development Support Yes, leadership training and integrated coaching process No  
  Scope of Biomimicry Network Global, core network of Biomimicry 3.8 Local, regionally based biomimicry network, member of local biomimicry affiliate groups  
  Biomimicry Bureau Membership Member of Biomimicry Speakers, Workshops and Consulting Bureaus (included) Member of Biomimicry Speakers and Workshop Bureaus (optional, additional work necessary)  
  Tuition, fees, andin-person expenses $22,500 for on-line MS; $17,500 for in-person collection $11,250 for on-line certificate; $3000-$5000 for immersion workshops