Youth Education / K-12

Hands-On, Minds-On Learning

In one sense, education is passing the important lessons learned by one generation on to the next. At the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, we believe biomimicry is one of those important lessons, and nature is a great teacher. Not only does biomimicry present a new framework for environmental education, it’s a great way to get young people excited about STEM subjects and boost creative problem-solving skills. Our Youth Education programs help educators, in both formal and informal environments, bring this powerful discipline to their students.

Biomimicry offers youth educators:

    • A new way for young people to view and value the natural world; to see nature not just as something to learn about, but as something to learn from
    • A compelling way to present science, technology, engineering, and math subjects
    • A way to connect school subjects to one another, and to the real world beyond classroom walls
    • A tool to enhance and express creativity through design, with hands-on, minds-on, project-based activities
    • A unique and powerful way to think and learn about sustainability

Youth Programs

Celebrate Hands-On Design

See and hear us describe the importance of biomimicry in education in this short video: