For many of us, our eyes widened to nature’s genius and the possibility, power, and promise of biomimicry when we first watched Janine take the TED stage. To date, an estimated more than 700,000 people have shared the experience. If you have not seen it, please enjoy. If you have, we are certain you will enjoy it again. In either case, we hope it inspires you to spread the word (“biomimicry”) and perhaps even begin your own learning journey.



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Public Outreach

| A significant part of the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute’s work in education takes place in non-formal public environments such as museums, aquariums, zoos, and nature trails. See some of our favorite places here.

Second Nature Film

| Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution explores the emerging discipline of biomimicry, the science of emulating nature’s best ideas to solve human problems. View a trailer for the film and learn about our teacher discussion guides here.