Sharing the innovation inspiration of biomimicry

You'll leave the immersion workshop with a cup overflowing with knowledge, curiosity, and inspiration, encouraged to lead yourself and others through biomimicry!

Rosie Trevino, Biomimicry Thinking Workshop Alumni | Engineer, United States

The BSpec (Biomimicry Specialist Certification) not only taught me the evolved concept of biomimicry, I’ve practiced its application in my sphere. More importantly, it changed the way I look at life; with increased wonder.

Codrin Kruijne, BSpecialist | Lead Data Science Engineer, The Netherlands

The (BSpec) Biomimicry Specialist Certification allowed me another way of looking into nature, a curiosity and understanding of function and strategy. This vision is broadly applicable to everything we do and need. It is another mindset and this new way is really for me the bridge from nature to design.

Alessandra Araujo, BSpecialist | Biologist, Biomimicry Consultant, Brazil

The Biomimicry Specialist Certification has helped to quiet my human cleverness and taught me how to seek solutions I couldn't have imagined before the program.

Julia Chiang, BSpecialist | Secretary General, Taiwan

Working with professionals from a wide range of sectors, cultures, and ages truly enriched the entire experience and provided many students with an experience that is rarely achieved.

Campbell Frey, BSpecialist | Architect, United States

For those trying to reconnect with nature and with a feeling that we have been doing the wrong thing for too long, the Discover Nature's Genius workshop is a great eye-opening step that will definitely give you a new perspective to approach your job and life itself. Totally recommended!

Sergio Molino Aguado, Discover Nature's Genius Workshop Alumni | Data Analyst, Spain

This was the best learning experience I have ever had in my career. It really helped me to identify how I can apply biomimicry thinking into my work and introduced me to fascinating people from across the world who shared the same reverence for the world around us.

Jyoti Sehdev, Discover Nature's Genius Workshop Alumni | Corporate Responsibility Manager, England

I came into the Discover Nature’s Genius for Social Innovation workshop with a set of big and seemingly intractable problems that I wanted to explore. By the end of the week, I had fresh perspectives on the framing of these challenges as well as powerful tools to explore these topics- and possible solutions- with a newfound sense of possibility. The workshop was extraordinarily accessible and well designed and I left feeling profoundly grateful and invigorated. I highly recommend this training!

Stosh Cotler, Discover Nature's Genius for Social Innovation Workshop Alumni | Senior Advisor, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, United States
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