On the Road to COP26: Shifting the Mindset to Positive

“In a zero world, my car ride to the Missoula airport wouldn’t have emitted greenhouse gasses. My flight to Scotland would have been carbon neutral. Glasgow International Airport wouldn’t impact the climate in a measurable way. My hotel would live up to our new definition of sustainability.

And that is only looking at the surface level. What about the conditions in the factory that made the emissions-friendly car? What about the materials used in the plane? What about the biodiversity of the wildlife surrounding the airport? What would the hotel give back to the community, in exchange for the land, power, and water it takes from it?

Clearly zero is an important step but is it all we should aim for? Climate experts at COP26 have been very vocal that zero won’t get us to 1.5. It can’t just be about cutting back. It’s got to be about giving back.”


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