2012 Biomimicry Specialists: Eastern cohort

Meet the 2012 Eastern cohort Certified Biomimicry Specialists

Andrea Monge
Media/Journalism | Madrid, Spain

Andrea is currently working for HavasMedia in Madrid, studying consumer perceptions of sustainability and personal well-being, the role brands have in both aspects and how they can improve consumer engagement. Before moving to Spain she studied Marine Biology in Australia, and Environmental Conservation Education at NYU. She sees in Biomimicry one of the missing links that will enable us to connect our daily lives and work to nature.

Ann Berdy
Educator | Scarsdale, New York, USA

I love the beauty and brilliant elegance of the endless expressions of biology. The creative and destructive potentials are overwhelming to me, and I only want to engage, learn and participate in more of the process of nurturing the health of our biosphere. The core of my identity is a mom to my son and daughter, my favorite expressions of biology.

Arndt Pechstein
Biochemist, Neuroscientist, Sports Trainer | Berlin, Germany

My history:Amazed by nature ever since I was little, studied biochemistry/biotechnology, PhD in neurobiochemistry. My motto: “Don’t just be successful, be significant!” My vision:Spear-heading, catalyzing, and spreading Biomimicry-Thinking as an essential part of future societies. My strategy: Combining Biomimicry-Thinking with my scientific expertise, my infectious enthusiasm, and my skills to inspire people to create a public Biomimicry mind-set. Myself:Passionate traveler, outdoor enthusiast, climber, traceur, martial artist.

Carlos Rego
Design Manager at Logoplaste Innovation Lab | Lisbon, Portugal

Working for almost 17 years as a Product designer, Carlos has been faced with several instances of unsustainable practice that are going on in many industries. Soon realizing that design could, and should, play a major ethical and practical role in the sustainable development of products, processes and systems, Carlos started actively using Biomimicry research methodology in his daily work at Logoplaste Innovation Lab.

Catalina Bustillo
Architect/Cattle Rancher | Barranquilla, Colombia

Studied architecture in the University of Los Andes in Bogota, and have since worked with architect Jorge Ramirez (Arquitectura & Bioclimatica), bioclimatic expert, while running my family`s business (cattle farms) for the last 7 years. I travel between the city and our farms, enjoying both. I love the outdoors, ocean, animals and reading.

Chris Garvin
Sustainable Design, Terrapin | New York, New York, USA

Chris Garvin is an accomplished practitioner and active voice in the sustainable design community. Since moving to New York in 1998, he has specialized in environmental architecture and materials research, while serving on numerous advisory boards and in organizations that advocate for sustainability in design.

Colin Mangham
CEO & Founder, Daily Brand Group; Business Catalyst, Biomimicry 3.8 | Los Angeles, California, USA

Colin is the CEO and Founder of the Daily Brand Group, a Los Angeles based innovation consultancy operating internationally, and was recently the acting CMO for Biomimicry 3.8. His clients have included 5% of the Fortune 500 and several dozen start-ups. As an entrepreneur, angel investor, humanitarian, and father, he believes “if it’s worth doing, do it daily.”

Dana Lowell
Sustainable Business Management | Holland, Michigan, USA

As Director of Advanced Business Development at Faurecia’s Globalworks Innovation Centers, Lowell is responsible for bringing new ideas to market and for identifying key partnership opportunities through open innovation models across a global network. Dana has a strong interest in sustainability and was co-creator and contributor to the Sustainable Mobility Series at Art Center College of Design along with acting as an Industry Advisor to the Automotive X-prize.

Danielle Davelaar
Creative Research & Counseling, Independent Professional | Neustadt/Weinstrasse, Germany

In southwestern Germany, between forest and vineyards, I have been running my office for the last 20 years at home. Dually trained at university, as microbiologist/ecologist and as design and process engineer in wastewater treatment and aquatic ecosystems management, I was ready to start practicing biomimicry almost two decades before the word was coined. I see a unique niche for biomimicry at the level of innovative research in environmental science and technology, thereby creating an ideal opportunity to strengthen and prove biomimicry as a true scientific discipline itself.

Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens
Biochemistry/Biotechnology | Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

In June I will graduate from my Master in Biochemistry-Biotechnology. I’m doing my Master thesis on wastewater treatment, using nanoparticles produced by Bacteria. Since a few years the concepts of Biomimicry have caught my attention. Learning how to apply biomimetic ways to solve problems will bring me a step closer to one of my dreams: changing the world to become cleaner and more sustainable.

Diego Soroa
Architect, Cuantics Creative Lab | Getxo, Bizkaia, Spain

As an architect I am mainly interested on the loss of communication and interaction in the city. I focus on promoting quality design for public spaces, re-occupation of public spaces and we are often required to design working spaces for creativity. I work on relational architecture, environmental intelligence and emotional technologies for urban spaces, that is; Social Hardware. I am also a lecturer on creativity. My other passion is biomimimcry. I understand biomimicry and creativity, as means towards efficiency.

Gwillem Mosedale
Intellectual Property, Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH | Munich, Germany

With my educational background in physics and a career managing intellectual property in medical technology (where biology, science and strategy combine), biomimicry had immediate appeal. Nature has played an important part in my life, and while I’ve been aware of Eric von Hippels ‘lead user process’ for over a decade, but its extension to nature suddenly offers new perspectives. As ever, I am curious where this journey will take me.

Jair Libardoni
Physician | Curitiba, Parana’, Brazil

Well, I have 57 years, and still looking for additions to my general medical education. I was Graduate in Medicine in 1978, and made a specialty in Internal Medicine, and Course of Gerontology. I worked in a small town in southern of Brazil as coordinator of public health, and as a coordinator of recovery group of people with alcoholism and drug abuse. I later moved at Curitiba where I live today, and worked for over two years in our municipal government.

Joana Kodama
Architect, JK ARQUITETURA E AMBIENTE LTDA | Curitiba, Parana’, Brazil

I belong to a generation with strong influence of the Modernism. In my country, Brazil, when I started the College, we were in the ending of a strong autocratic rule. In that scenario we development our projects and plans were based in our industries’ evolution and their “fast” results. When RIO-92 happened in Brazil, some understood the importance that beginning, but few. Nowadays, I realize that it is important to do my personal and professional life differently.

Joshua Herrig
Film Production | New York, New York, USA

Joshua Herrig is happy to be living on Spaceship Earth and feels lucky to have a brain that, on good days, can learn from his fellow flora and fauna. He is directing a documentary that takes place in the Himalayas about sacred geography and holy plants. He is an amateur Tibetologist and an aspiring Ethnobotanist. He feels there’s a revolution taking place where biology and technology intersect and is delighted to be taking part in it.

Moana Lebel
Sustainable Development Management | Ste– Therese, Quebec, Canada

I discovered nature’s fascinations at a young age and never stopped to be impressed by them! I completed further studies in natural sciences and biology.I have been working on developing the discipline and co-founded a regional filial of the Biomimicry Group in Québec. The network is growing and I am really happy to see more and more solutions that will allow us to create a sustainable world together.

Nicholas Sykes
Engineering/Biology | Chichester, West Sussex, UK

Nicholas Sykes holds a degree in Biology from Exeter University, a research scholarship from the Wellcome Trust in London and has taught Biology at two prominent English private schools. He is keen to further develop his understanding of Biomimicry, particularly start an online Biomimicry Journal called Biomimesis and spend time developing various ways of using modern technology to combine and mutually benefit, people working in the disciplines of both biology and design.

Pernille Lethenborg
Agronomist and Farmer | Skanderborg, Denmark

A lifelong fascination of nature and biology has taken me through a graduation in agricultural science, a job as a wheat breeder and managing director of a breeding company. I have worked for a biological farmer with projects aiming to develop biological farming practices, quality management in the seed production and preparation of a plan for the nature on the estate.

Peter Lawrence
Economics/Architecture | Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Peter Lawrence is chairman and founder of Corporate Design Foundation and a management consultant. Currently he is working on how long term business innovation can be achieved through sustainable practice and using natural models. He has taught about design at business schools including: Babson, London Business School, Boston University School of Management, and UT Austin’s School of Business.

Philip Ling
Electrical Engineer, VP Technology, Powersmiths Intl Corp | Toronto, Canada

Professionally I am keen to break the mold of transformer technology that hasn’t changed in a hundred years by learning about and implementing how nature manages heat and electricity—I am keen to see biomimicry at work first hand. Biology has always been in my heart, and technology in my head. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was a kid—Jacques Cousteau was my hero. At 24, electrical engineering carried the day, at 51 the heartstrings are tugging…Janine signed my copy of her book after we chatted: “Come back to biology. It’s just the right time”, so after few years gestation, here I am. It is time!

Tariq Al-Olaimy
Social Entrepreneur | Manama, Bahrain

Tariq is co-founder of 3BL Associates, Bahrain’s first social impact consultancy and think-and-do-tank. 3BL was established to drive private sector led public reform and to advise organizations on their social, economic, and environmental impact through innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. He is also co-founder of Al Tamasuk, an award winning social entrepreneurial approach to fostering social cohesion & creating employment opportunities amongst excluded communities through health education projects.

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