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What Can Sea Cucumbers Teach About Packaging Design?

Name of Client: 7th Generation
Industry of Client: Consumer Products


Contain and disperse liquids and powder products more effectively.


B3.8 together with the client “unpacked” the challenge to identify the functional challenges that informed our review of biological literature, analysis, and selection of relevant biological strategies. The strategies were presented as part of a multi-stakeholder design charrette where together we identified the strategies with the most potential for commercial success.


Our biologists identified more than 100 relevant biological strategies or mechanisms in nature for containing and dispensing liquids and powders. We then narrowed the list down to 50 unique biological examples and concept applications that we deemed most promising for inspiring innovative packaging designs. The examples included spray-dispersal mechanisms of sea cucumbers, mustard plants, and bombardier beetles.


Based on the 50 unique biological examples and concept applications, 7th Generation’s designers incorporated the biological intelligence into ongoing product development and design work.

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