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Microsoft 2021 Environmental Sustainability Report

Microsoft published their latest Environmental Sustainability Report which includes a datacenter project we consulted on.

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The latest job in architecture is director of biomimicry

At Biomimicry 3.8, we have always imagined a future where every organization has a biomimic on staff. We’re incredibly excited to share that this idea is beginning to become reality.

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Going Circular Film

Our co-founder, Janine Benyus, discusses how solutions for creating a circular economy and planet have already been perfected in nature itself in the 2021 feature documentary, Going Circular.

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Erin Meezan: What nature can teach us about sustainable business

Interface's VP and chief sustainability officer Erin Meezan explains how we can look to nature to learn how to make business more sustainable.

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Find Your Sustain Ability: Nicole Hagerman Miller

Our managing director, Nicole Hagerman Miller, chatted with Lee Ball about B3.8's success stories, her Covid quarantine time, and the development of her value system.

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On the Road to COP26: Shifting the Mindset to Positive

Ahead of COP26, our Managing Director, Nicole Miller, expressed her thoughts on companies incorporating Nature Positive into their innovation process.

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Inside Microsoft’s Efforts to Build a Low-Impact Data Center

Fast Company gives us a look inside Microsoft's "data center of the future", which could be made of algae bricks and run on hydrogen fuel cells.

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What Nature Teaches Us About Well-Being

Our co-founder, Dr. Dayna Baumeister, shares her thoughts on how nature can help us thrive in adversity in this Mindful Magazine article written by Kelly Barron.

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Janine Benyus Has a Message for Engineers

In this episode of Create the Future, Janine explains how she has helped some of the most successful companies draw inspiration from 3.8 billion years of evolution (or “R&D”).

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Biomimicry: Designing Great Solutions, Naturally

This episode of Jacobs' If/When podcast explores the exciting world of biomimicry and why it matters for the Built Environment, with special guests Nicole Hagerman Miller, Monte Wilson, and Chris Allen.

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