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Biomimicry offers a vision of a world that works for all species, for all time.

Imagine a world mentored by nature’s genius. Hear about a future in which intelligent human development contributes to thriving ecosystems, instead of disrupting them.

Our Speakers Bureau, made up of the world’s foremost biomimicry thought leaders, connects thousands each year in audiences around the globe with this message of hope.

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Ready to be inspired? Meet our speakers, who share the latest biomimicry insights, inspirations, and ideas through keynotes, panel discussions, and joint presentations.

Janine Benyus

Vision, Research, Ideation

Janine Benyus is known worldwide for her influence in naming the practice of biomimicry in her seminal book, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, and spreading the message of its power as an innovation tool that can solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Undoubtedly the recognized thought leader in the field, Janine’s legacy includes inspiring millions through her work as an innovator, business catalyst, and speaker—most recently as a keynote speaker at Sustainable Brands, on a discussion panel at COP26, and via multiple TED talks that have together been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

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Dr. Dayna Baumeister

Ideation, Strategy, Education

Dr. Dayna Baumeister has spurred countless invaluable ah-ha moments during a career that has defined her as a biomimicry pioneer, spreading innovation inspired by nature to thousands around the world as a professor, speaker, business catalyst, and author.

Dayna’s career fuses a lifelong connection to nature and groundbreaking work that has fertilized the movement of biomimicry as a leading innovative practice and philosophy, including sharing her dynamic message at the 2022 World Expo in Dubai and as a Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) Rachel Carson Lecturer.

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Nicole Miller

Managing Director

Nicole Miller’s background working in the global business development and sustainability sectors is infused in her work as the managing director of the world’s leading biomimicry consultancy.

The intersection of innovation and the business world is an exciting one, and Nicole often shares information about the opportunities that exist in that realm with clients, strategic partners, and audiences, most notably at COP 26 and Sustainable Brands.

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Mark Dorfman

Biomimicry Chemistry

Mark Dorfman’s innovative work showcases that nature is alive with chemistry. He shares the important premise that nature, by necessity, has developed sophisticated, highly effective chemistries that create conditions conducive to life.

As a biomimicry chemist, Mark applies nature’s time-tested design principles for chemical strategies to find innovative solutions to toxic chemical and material challenges, which has led to a career that has inspired many to see nature in new way. Most recently, Mark has spoken at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, the 20th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, and the Circular Economy Forum of the Americas.

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Seth GaleWyrick

Engineering, Design

With his biomimicry training added to his longtime experience as a product developer, Seth GaleWyrick brings biomimicry engineering expertise to Biomimicry 3.8.

Seth is a Certified Biomimicry Professional and an engineer, weaving this combination of skills together in consulting projects and speaking engagements. During his time as a professional engineer, he spoke at events such as the Industrial Design Society of America, SPE Design, and World Usability Day – Philadelphia. Most recently, he spoke at TEDxHieronymusPark 2020.

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Imagine a day when bees provide inspiration for energy efficient buildings and cars that drive themselves, sharks offer the promise to reduced hospital infections and geckos give ideas for hanging big-screen TV sets. It's already here.

— CNN Money and Fortune
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