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Nature-Inspired Ideas for Cleaner Oil and Gas Extraction

Name of Client: Shell Oil Company
Industry of Client: Oil and Gas


Use biomimicry as an ideation tool for projects associated with carbon sequestration, no-impact drilling, and filtering oil from water.


During the ideation workshop, the client team and B3.8 “unpacked” the challenge to identify the functional challenges that informed our analysis of relevant biological strategies for each of Shell’s challenges that were identified as best suited for the biomimicry process.


A team from B3.8 led a three-day workshop at Shell to ideate projects for further exploration by the company. Before the workshop, B3.8 vetted a list of 30-plus challenges provided by Shell and selected three that were best suited to the biomimicry process. During the workshop, B3.8 presented relevant biological intelligence to Shell’s experts and led an ideation process.


The workshop resulted in 17 new project ideas—nine of which the company advanced. Project ideas ranged from off-the-shelf biomimetic products, to white papers on biological strategies that would be relevant across the company platform, to creating design concepts for specific engineers to develop. One of the participants in the workshop was so inspired to incorporate biomimicry into her work at Shell that she went on to complete B3.8’s two-year Certified Biomimicry Professional training.

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