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Packaging Lessons from Tortoise Shells and Beetle Wings

Name of Client: Natura
Industry of Client: Consumer Products


Conceptualize more efficient product packaging.


Together with the client, B3.8 “unpacked” the challenge to identify the functional challenges that informed our review of biological literature, analysis, and selection of relevant biological strategies. The strategies were presented as part of a multi-stakeholder design charrette in which our team identified the strategies that had the potential to yield the greatest success based on the company’s performance criteria.


Biomimicry 3.8’s biological research team compiled a detailed report on 30 different ways liquids and solids are contained in nature. The team described each mechanical or chemical strategy in the context of a representative organism, such as a poppy flower bud, tortoise shells, or beetle wings. We then facilitated an interdisciplinary design charrette to apply the research findings to product packaging concept design.


Overall, our work helped Natura build a structured methodology for the application of biomimicry in the development of packaging solutions for their cosmetics company. The design charrette resulted in five preliminary packaging concept prototypes, two of which were focused on single-dose packaging, and were further developed for large scale manufacturing. Natura produced a case study on this project, available here.

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