The Biomimicry Resource Handbook: Hardcopy

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The Biomimicry Resource Handbook: A Seed Bank of Best Practices contains over 250 pages of the most current biomimicry thinking, methodology, and tools for naturalizing the practice  into the culture. Written by Dr. Dayna Baumeister, who helped found the practice, the Resource Handbook contains verbal knowledge never before captured on paper and organizes it into a cogent, seamless presentation that helps answer the question, “Okay, so how do you actually do biomimicry?”

Through its careful and creative look at the practice of biomimicry, the book shows the reader there’s no better design partner than nature. But biomimicry is more than just looking at the shape of a flower or dragonfly and becoming newly inspired; it’s a methodology that’s being used by some of the most innovative organizations in the world.


Product Description

Through the Resource Handbook, readers will be be immersed into the world of biomimicry the “verb,” gaining a competitive edge and a fresh perspective on how the world around us can, does, and should work. After reading the text, you’ll be well on your way to thinking in systems, designing in context, identifying patterns, and most importantly seeing the millions of organisms around us…differently.

The text is directly applicable to designers, biologists, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators of any kind, but has also proven valuable to students, educators, and a wide variety of other disciplines.

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About the author

Dr. Dayna Baumeister is the Co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8. With a devotion to applied natural history and a passion for sharing the genius of nature, Dayna has worked in the field of biomimicry with business partner Janine Benyus since 1998, traveling the world as a biomimicry thought-leader, business consultant, and professor. Dayna has a B.S. in marine biology from New College in Sarasota, Florida, and earned an M.S. in resource conservation and a Ph.D. in organismic biology and ecology from The University of Montana in Missoula.


“Late last year Biomimicry 3.8 released a paperback edition of Dr Dayna Baumeister’s seminal guide to life-centric approaches to design, and what a gift it is for anyone looking to integrate sustainability principles into a project…”

– Aliento, Willow. “Book review: Biomimicry Resource Handbook.” The Fifth Estate 19 March 2015

“I just got my Resource Handbook and am so proud of all of you, and all of the work it took, and how beautiful, and thorough, and professional it is. I will consume every word, and then read it again, and again…”

– Lisa Schmidtke, Certified Biomimicry Professional (2008)


Baumeister D, Tocke R, Dwyer J, Ritter S, Benyus J. 2013. The Biomimicry Resource Handbook: A Seed Bank of Best Practices. Biomimicry 3.8: Missoula. 280 p.