Biomimicry GoFish

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The Biomimicry GoFISH cards are a classic game re-designed with an ultimate innovation-inspired-by-nature twist. Players dive into biomimicry as teams play to match the challenge cards to the biology cards, creating a perfect pair to help spark creative solutions with the help of nature’s genius.

Challenge cards pose players with questions like this: A business community with resource challenges wants a sustainable, cooperative business park integrating different industries, companies, services, and products. Biology cards present nature-inspired solutions from a handful of wonderful organism mentors like the lotus leaf, which has unique nano-bumps coated with wax, which cause water droplets to bead and runoff, transporting dirt off the leaf surface. The most matches, wins!


Product Description

How do you play Biomimicry GoFISH? First gather 3-6 players and give each player seven cards. Your goal? Create 25 biomimetic pairs by working as a cooperative team.

Once each player has their cards, spread the remaining cards out in a non-orderly pile called the “ocean.” The player who was most recently near the ocean goes first. During a player’s turn, they’ll choose a challenge or biology card from cards in hand and read out loud to the team. Ask another player if they believe they have a match to your card.

If they have a match, they should read their card out loud to the team; if the team concurs, the match is laid face up. The player then takes another turn. If they do not have a match, or the team does not agree with a proposed match, they say “go fish” and the player asking draws a card from the ocean ending their turn. When all cards have been matched, review the pairs to confirm they are correct or work as a team to make any changes. When correct, your team is well on its way to designing a world mentored by nature’s genius—a win for all of life on Earth!

Upon order, the Biomimicry Resources Cards are printed on demand through a third party printer (to avoid unnecessary production of materials). We do our best to use printers with high sustainability and ethical standards, but were unable to identify an ideal option for this product. Know of the perfect printer? Let us know at