Project Positive

Generous Design Inspired by Nature for an Abundant World

Project Positive is a group of change agents dedicated to raising the bar on what it means to act sustainably—driven by a sense of urgency to move beyond arbitrary reduction goals, to science-based targets and actions that are generous to the ecosystems, employees, and communities in which we operate. 

The work of Project Positive builds on the vision of Janine Benyus—“when a city or manufacturing site is functionally indistinguishable from the forest or wildlands next door, we’ve reached true sustainability”. To be “functionally indistinguishable” means we design spaces that perform as well as an existing healthy ecosystem.

“We have a choice, our impact on the environment can be positive” ~Janine Benyus

What is Generous Design?

Healthy ecosystems produce ecosystem services—these are the benefits humans get for free (free!), that are essential to life—i.e. clean air, filtered water, healthy soils, etc.. Buildings and cities can also produce ecosystem services, shifting human impact from negative to positive.  

And yes, it is possible! 

We know because we have done it. Our initial pilot was a project in partnership with Interface called Factory as a Forest. The multi-year pilot produced positive performance outcomes for Interface along with a framework and methodology to scale the application and vision.

What is Project Positive?

Project Positive was launched by a group of companies interested in applying the methodology to drive innovation, support climate goals, and engage employees. The group is working to demonstrate that manufacturers, campuses and schools, cities and urban development can apply nature-based solutions and performance metrics to achieve positive impacts. 

Together we are demonstrating what is possible, proving that nature-based design solutions optimize performance while benefiting people and the planet. 

Founding change agents represent the following companies and institutions:

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