DesignLens Usage Guide

DesignLens Usage Guide

We are excited to share the Biomimicry DesignLens diagrams with you via a Creative Commons (CC) license. Please follow the guidelines listed below before using any of the diagrams or icons contained in the folder. If you have questions regarding usage that we have not addressed here, please contact

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Folder contents (zip file)

Please use the correct file format for the appropriate intended use.

Diagram generations

Much of what is captured in these diagrams is an assemblage of more than 15 years of work practicing and teaching biomimicry. If you’ve seen our work before, you may be familiar with earlier versions of some of these diagrams. New discoveries in both science and application inform the evolution of the diagrams, and we call each stage of their development a “generation.” After each diagram, the g# references that diagram’s generation. This provides users a useful reference point as we continue to evolve the Biomimicry DesignLens.

Creative commons

Each lens embodies our deep understanding of specific content and our CC designations reflect how we believe they should be best used and shared. We ask that you respect our CC designations when sharing any of these graphics with others. If you would like to use a graphic under a different permission, please contact us directly. For more information about Creative Commons, visit The specific designations used for our graphics are outlined here:

CC  Creative Commons
BY  Requires attribution/credit to Biomimicry 3.8
NC  Non-commercial uses only
SA   Share alike. Derivatives must have the same CC license
ND  No derivatives (Please contact us for translation into other languages)

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