Podcast Interview

Farid Mohamed: From Reservoir Engineer to Biomimic

Biomimicry 3.8’s very own Farid Mohamed enjoyed speaking with the Society of Petroleum Engineers about his transformative path from reservoir engineer to biomimic. The journey started with an itch to search for a transdisciplinary approach more suited for the nature of our modern complex problems. That search led to biomimicry and the realization that nature is the ultimate complex system, one that is resilient and self-sustaining. Having obtained a master’s degree in biomimicry from Arizona State University, he now leverages his engineering and biomimicry background to bring innovative nature-inspired designs and solutions that are inherently sustainable.  

Having spent 16 years in the petroleum industry, Farid has a deep desire to introduce biomimicry methodologies and tools to accelerate energy transition strategies, enabling the industry to meet their net-zero targets and beyond to net positive. The SPE talk, attended live by nearly 600 participants, listened in as Flora Moon and Farid discussed the potential entry points for biomimicry into this space: biomimetic product innovation, built environments that are generously designed to provide ecosystem services, and organizational transformation strategies informed by how biological systems in nature manage carbon. Understanding that the creative component of humanity, the economics and technology that are going to create this fertile soil for us to make this energy transition, and the role biomimicry plays in helping unlock all of those, is a vital step towards creating transformative change across the board.


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