Biomimicry Professionals 2008

Meet a set of the 2008 Certified
Biomimicry Professionals


Zeynep Arhon

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program added value to my work, and that’s what I was hoping for. The program opened up the possibility of teaching in a university in Istanbul. In Spring I will be starting a course called “Future of Business” in one of the leading universities here. It also opened up possibilities of utilizing Life’s Principles as a creativity/innovation tool, which was a valuable extension of my consultancy work so far centered around future trends.”

Mary Hansel
Biomimicry OR

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program was an incredible opportunity to dive into the intriguing world of biomimicry… to learn to view our world through the lens of biomimicry. The fascinating, demanding, fun and thought-provoking program provided me with the skills, experience and network to lead workshops and participate in consulting projects. My specific focus is on internal capacity building within organizations, and the program prepared me to develop an in-house “learn, think and do lab” designed for an internal team to learn about biomimicry, identify opportunities to apply it in service offerings, pilot projects and develop services, and publicize the results. The program was rewarding in so many ways—along with the intellectual stimulation and deep knowledge gained, I learned new teaching and presentation methods, mentoring techniques, and made new friends and colleagues in the process! I highly recommend this course for anyone who suspects that biomimicry is a path for humankind to learn to live sustainably… to ‘fit’ here at home on planet Earth!”

Jorge Kanahuati
Enlaces Ambientales

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program allowed me to understand in more depth how best to effectively leverage our learning from Nature into diverse design challenges. I feel much better prepared to serve interdisciplinary teams focused on creating outstanding solutions that are well adapted to Life on Earth.”

Chris Allen
Biomimicry 3.8

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program course exceeded my expectations. The combination of high-caliber fellow students, the depth and breadth of materials and instruction, and immersion in the seemingly endless possibilities offered by biomimicry was deeply rewarding. I am already developing new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.”


Tim Albertson
PhD candidate UNLV
UNLV Solar Decathlon

“There was an energy that I had never felt before when our Biomimicry Professional Certification Program cohort met for the first time in Montana. I had never been part of a group experience that was so diverse, yet so much aligned in purpose. This energy not only carried me through our two year program, but continues to carry me throughout my career. The Biomimicry Professional Certificate Program has provided me the systems thinking tools necessary to support my doctoral degree in environmental studies (currently enrolled), where my dissertation includes the design of urban areas as nature intended. I have also already had the opportunity to play consultant on design projects where I scour the landscape looking for our many geniuses of place.”

Theresa Millard
Biomimicry Iberia

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program gave me the confidence in myself and in the world that I could be part of something different. After 22 years in the corporate world I left my job, moved my family and we all went to Spain to “turn our life upside down”. So far so good—I am starting Biomimicry Iberia—I have the tools, experience and network necessary to initiate our Regional Affiliate. I am finding amazing people who want to be part of the group in Spain—all I have to do is let them know who I am, what I want to do and it is just unfolding in front of my eyes. I continue working in the corporate world—but only with people I want to work with, on projects I want to work on—a powerful concept in today’s world.”

Lisa Schmidtke
Clark Nexsen

“Being an entrepreneur at heart, just about the best opportunity I could have hoped for has risen out of the training and experience I gained in the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program. My firm has given me the go ahead to concentrate on Biomimicry full time, essentially starting a Biomimicry department from scratch! I’ll continue to speak and train on Biomimicry, and now I also get to design a path to help my firm start practicing in Biomimicry!”

Jamie Dwyer
Biomimicry 3.8

“I am not exaggerating when I say that the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program was a turning point in my life. I am now a biomimicry consultant, a job that synergistically combines the different aspects of my education. This career shift is a direct result of the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program. I gained the tools needed to integrate biology into design as well as the tools to initiate this same process in other designers. I now feel confident in bringing an aspect of biomimicry to every step of a design process. I’m doing meaningful work and it’s fun and invigorating to work with people who are trying to change the world.”


Juan Rovalo
Taller de Operaciones Ambientales

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program gave me a foundation and deep understanding of the latest thinking in sustainable design and ecological performance, multidisciplinary teamwork and systems thinking, as well as personal development and professional performance. Being able to communicate and apply the biomimicry philosophy and methodology to the groups and projects where I collaborate has added relevant and noticeable value into them. The BProfessional nurtured a broad vision of possible and sustainable scenarios, built a network of awesome people and gave me the ability to dive deep into nature’s awe and translate it.”

Melina Angel
Biomimicry Quebec
Biomimicry Colombia

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program has helped me to integrate two parts of my own being, the theoretical and scientific knowledge about Nature and the creativity of doing concrete things. This training has push me beyond my expectations helping others to do the same. Bringing this knowledge to classrooms has increased the capacity of teenagers to imagine an amazing sustainable future and to be very concrete about it. They know now their dreams can be real. This amazing effects have get out of the high schools to universities where I have found so many people glowing with the same enthusiasm. I am now preparing to set up a Biomimicry Regional Affiliate Group in Canada to work, teach and collaborate with the Biomimicry 3.8.”


Marie Zanowick
Environmental Protection Agency

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program provided the technical knowledge I needed to use Life’s Principles as a Nature-based systems approach to solve environmental problems. Through my work at the Environmental Protection Agency I have been able to develop new, innovative and sustainable solutions to issues such as how to adapt to changes in climate, how to eliminate toxic chemicals, and how to reconnect land managers with the resource they protect. Biomimicry has expanded my solution space by accessing the best models, those provided by Nature herself.”

Claire Janisch
Biomimicry South Africa

“The Biomimicry Professional Certification Program was an inspiring journey that really helped me get to know the biomimicry methodologies, tools and examples, to find out more about biomimicry in practice and to connect to a larger biomimicry network. I continue to learn more by running biomimicry workshops locally and through the consulting work I have since done together with Biomimicry 3.8. I am now in a position to set up Biomimicry South Africa as a Regional Affiliate of Biomimicry 3.8, catalysing local networks with a focus on inspiring and educating biomimics in South Africa from scholars to professionals, through collaboration with the Biomimicry 3.8.”

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