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We help innovation leaders solve human problems with the brilliance of nature’s design.


By accessing the powerful intelligence embedded in 3.8 billion years of evolution, we have collaborated with innovation teams and individuals at more than 250 companies to achieve competitive advantages through biomimicry.

Our consulting staff of biologists, chemists, and designers work with innovation and design teams to zero in on the relevant biological intelligence and unpack nature’s proven processes and structures to inspire new solutions for the team’s challenges. With Biomimicry 3.8 at your innovation “table”, your project benefits from the knowledge of our staff and our network of leading biological specialists world-wide. Our flexible Biomimicry Design Thinking methodology is mapped to your team’s established creative process and, together, we apply the templates of nature’s wisdom to create innovative solutions.






We broaden the
solution space by
translating your challenge
into a function found in nature.

We find nature’s
best practices relevant
to your challenge.

We emulate nature’s
strategies—leading to novel and sustainable design and
product concepts.



Our Professional Training programs enable innovation leaders to accelerate the adoption, integration and application of biomimicry. From customized courses created for your company to online programs and even a master’s degree, Biomimicry 3.8 offers a range of training programs to support individual and organizational initiatives to tap the long-term potential for biomimicry innovation and to tackle real world challenges.


Since 1997, we have partnered with over a hundred clients to help design cost-saving manufacturing processes, break-through products, resilient cities, and energy-efficient buildings.

Download a 1-page overview on Biomimicry 3.8 here.

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