More access, new inspirations: What we’ve got planned for 2017

We recently sent our email list a message from our managing director, Nicole Miller, telling them about some of big things we have planned in 2017. It was all about more access and new inspirations.

Nicole notes the first time she read a client report of ours, and recalls the sense of excitement she felt when the potential of the biological intelligence in the report sank in. What didn’t make it into the email was a list of moments Nicole has experience since, that display how biomimicry can help innovators create disruptive and beautiful technologies.

Here’s her short list of inspiring moments like when:

A goal of ours in 2017 is to continue to create moments like this, that lead to more stories about how biomimicry helped organizations solve their biggest challenges.

Here’s a couple ways we’re hoping to do that:

SYNAPSEOur NEW advisory and content service 

IMMERSION WORKSHOPSJoin one of our 2017 workshops

GRADUATE PROGRAMS: In partnership with ASU

And, like we told our email list subscribers, we’ll have more details on all our initiatives throughout the year. If you’d like to sign up to keep updated, you’ll find the sign up form the footer of our website.

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