We are all designers: 5 new DesignLens translations now available

Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, and French added

Sharing is the essential currency of any healthy ecosystem. And thanks to the biomimicry community around the world, five newly translated versions of the DesignLens are now available for download. Each translation collateral folder includes the foundations of the biomimicry approach, Essential Elements, Life’s Principles, and Biomimicry Thinking.

Whether you say BIOMÍMESIS, BIOMIMÉTISME, or BIOMIMICRY—it’s the essential guide to help inspire your practice.

The translations made possible with the work and contributions from the Joint Global Conference on Biomimicry and Bio Inspired Innovation organized last year by Utrecht University, by biomimicryNL, and Planet. For more on the DesignLens, Creative Commons licensing, and biomimicry training, click here.

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