B3.8 co-hosts summit aiming to ‘make our cities generous’

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Biomimicry 3.8 partnered with the Biomimicry Center at Arizona State University to present the Generous Cities Summit, where a host of experts gathered to begin to craft a roadmap for the world’s first biomimetic Generous City pilots. The goal of the summit was to make the aspirational achievable, said Dr. Dayna Baumeister, Biomimicry 3.8 co-founder and Biomimicry Center co-director. 

Generous Cities are urban regions that produce ecosystem services (clean air, clean water, support for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and more) at levels that match or exceed the services provided by native ecosystems.

Chip Crawford of Forum Design said of the conference, “[There was a] great variety of participation and lenses to view the issues. Can’t wait to get the recorded talks to revisit in a slower, deeper visit. I thought it was a great event and already crave another one/follow-up.”

Watch recordings of summit presentations here

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Blurring the border between urban development and nature

Listen to Dayna’s interview about the goals of the summit from KJZZ:

Summit Aims To Make Cities More Generous Towards Their Ecosystems

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