Biomimicry Specialist Certification

Infuse Biomimicry Into Your Career or Organization

The Biomimicry Specialist (BSpec) Certificate Program offers professionals in every industry a focused, flexible, affordable way to learn the practice of biomimicry. You’ll develop a cutting-edge skill set that can help drive sustainable innovation, creativity, and collaboration at your own pace through a combination of online coursework and immersion workshops. The BSpec program is a resume booster that both allows you to apply your knowledge directly to your work and helps foster a deeper connection to nature in your work and personal life.

No matter your profession, our BSpec training will help you gain:

  • a cutting-edge skill set for innovation, sustainability, creativity, and collaboration
  • tools to apply your knowledge and passion to your toughest challenges
  • access to an interdisciplinary network of biomimetics doing inspiring work
  • a deeper connection to nature in your work and personal life

Program Outcomes

Program benefits

You will earn both a graduate certificate from ASU in biomimicry and your Biomimicry Specialist certification. The certification combines the accredited online courses and premiere training offered only by Biomimicry 3.8, creating a connection to an extensive community of individuals that opens a myriad of networking and ongoing learning journey opportunities.

Program Format

The BSpec program consists of both online coursework through ASU and immersion-based work through two Biomimicry 3.8 workshops. Requirements can be completed in any order, but must be completed within three years of submitting the intent to certify form.

Online Coursework

Accredited through ASU, the exclusively online coursework complements the immersion workshops. It consists of 15 credits through five courses, including a Virtual Design Lab capstone project. The curriculum allows you to dive deep into the biomimicry philosophy, core concepts, resources, and tools—from the comfort of your own home. The program is designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Immersion Workshops

Two in-person immersion workshops (one of each type) are required to complete the BSpec program. Each focuses on employing a different biomimicry skill set:

1) Discover Nature’s Genius

2) Biomimicry Thinking

See a visual representation of the components and relationship between the ASU programs and Biomimicry 3.8 programs, including a course calendar and catalog.

Watch a video that reviews your ASU programs options and how ASU and B3.8 are interrelated.

Program Costs

Step-by-step Application Process

  1. Register your intent here
  2. Apply and enroll at ASU here
  3. Complete two workshops (one Biomimicry Thinking and one Discover Nature’s Genius) – find more information here
  4. Apply for certification here

Biomimicry ushers in an era based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her. This shift from learning about nature to learning from nature requires a new method of inquiry.

— Janine Benyus, Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founder
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