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Meet our growing global network of changemakers

What do our Professional Training graduates do with their certification? Help change the world.

Many have emerged as thought leaders within their professional communities. And many more have brought sustainable innovation inspired by the genius of the natural world into their work, creating impacts that span the globe.

Certified Biomimicry Professionals: Where are they now?

BPros immerse themselves in a two-year journey to achieve the most comprehensive biomimicry training in the world. To date, dozens have earned their certification and are now using biomimicry to help change the world.

Here’s how a few have used biomimicry in their professional paths:

Meet a BPro

Meet the BPro network: 
2018 Biomimicry Professionals
2016 Biomimicry Professionals

2013 Biomimicry Professionals
2011 Biomimicry Professionals
2008 Biomimicry Professionals

Biomimicry Specialist Certification: Where are they now?

To date, more than 100 Biomimicry Specialists have completed the training from around the world.

From mass transit and product design to investment strategy and architecture, Biomimicry Specialists have elevated their careers by becoming innovators and change agents. Read about what these BSpecialists do with their skills.


Meet a BSpec

Meet the BSpec network:
2013 BSpecialist cohort
2012 BSpecialist Western cohort
2012 BSpecialist Eastern cohort
2011 BSpecialist cohort

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